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Professional Genealogical Research
Need help finding your ancestors? 

Legacy Family History, Inc., can help you research your ancestors. We specialize in U.S. research and have successfully solved hundreds of difficult genealogical problems. Whether you want to learn who your ancestors were, conduct historical research on people or places, join a lineage society, or break through a genealogical "brick wall," we can help. We have access to the largest genealogical library in the world and research there regularly. We also work with agents across the country to access records in the National Archives, state and local libraries, courthouses, county clerk's offices, cemeteries, and more. If you need international research, contact us because we network with many research specialists and may be able to find just the expert you need.
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"I had been attempting to expand my direct line back for over thirty years without success. I reached an impasse in the early 1800s and was unable to proceed further. However, once I got Tristan involved in the research, she was able to get past this obstacle and I have now got this line back to the 1600s. I would endorse her research work wholeheartedly and without reservation." 

        ~ Terry W. Malone CMB 
           Senior Vice President, Servicing 
           Flagstar Bank
                                “I have been involved in doing family history research for some 20 years and during that                                 time I have used probably 10 different conscientious family history researchers; and                                 Tristan Tolman is at the top of my list. She not only has a vast knowledge of her profession                                 but also is extremely intelligent and has the unique ability to keep vast amounts of                                 information in her head as she solves the complex problems of finding your ancestors. And                                 the nice thing is, she is very pleasant, amenable, and able to get the work done on time. I                                 can highly recommend her to anyone seeking a family history researcher.” 

                                                                                                                                    ~ John G. Hedman  
                                                                                                                                       Retired Certified Public Accountant