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Writing Services
Do you have a story to tell? 

​Whether you need a writer, a consultant, or someone to interview your living relatives, we can help with your writing project. 

We can interview living relatives, conduct research, and write your family's story. Interviews can be recorded or videotaped and saved to CD-ROM or DVD to store and share with others. 

Want to see a sample of Tristan's writing? Read her article, "The Effects of Slavery and Emancipation on African-American Families and Family History Research," which was published in Crossroads genealogical journal in March 2011. 

"I sat in bed this morning and read the book! I can't believe this crazy story! You have captured the vision of what I wanted my book to be. It is funny, warm, tender, cutting edge, and a story of courage!"

~ Kristin Murdock
  Creator of Cow Pie Clocks and Kristin's Kreations, co-owner of the AFL Utah
  Blaze Football Team, and author of The Cowpie Chronicles
                                        "For several years I considered hiring someone to help in a long, difficult, ongoing                                               search for my 3rd great grandmother’s family in west central New York. The big                                                   question was WHO to choose! An experienced genealogist suggested I go to                                         APGEN.org and find someone certified in the geographic area. After reviewing                                           various bios I selected one who lived in a nearby town, which would allow for a            
                                        personal visit. Unfortunately, a recent commitment would preclude her being able to  
                                        assist me. She asked who else was on the list of candidates and I said, Tristan Tolman.
                                        Her immediate response was: “I know Tristan. She is the best and I highly recommend her.” After contacting and discussing my goal with Tristan, she put me on her schedule and the work started a few weeks later. Her research was thorough and the written report was outstanding. Although the goal has not been reached yet, the list of candidates has been significantly narrowed and a much clearer research path has been defined. Alas, as is often the case, records in my area of interest are not abundant for the late 1700s and early 1800s. Most important to me, I believe Tristan has been totally honest in the work she has done for me. I am still amazed at the amount she accomplished in the allotted time. I recommend her and would not hesitate to engage her again."
                                                                                                                                                    ~ Reed Farrar
                                                                                                                                                        Retired Physicist