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Organizing Services
Need help with organization?

Do you have boxes of genealogy records that need to be organized? Do you want your important documents and photographs to be professionally scanned? Do you have home movies you would like converted to DVD? We can help! We can do all these things and more. Contact us for help with your family history organization projects!
“My research had reached a dead end. In Salt Lake City, I sought to obtain names of expert 
genealogists who were somewhat familiar with the Uptegrove family. I was hopeful of 
connecting that family to the Op den Graeff family, who were original settlers of Germantown, 
Pennsylvania. I received names of three expert SLC genealogists who were each somewhat 
familiar with the Uptegrove family and contacted each of them. None of them had connected 
the two families. Separately, I discovered Tristan Tolman. She had no experience with either 
of the two families. What a wonderful person – not only because she is a great genealogist but
 also because of who she is as a person. 

She went past, not by just a little, but by close to 250 years, where the ‘recommended genealogists’ had become stymied. She was able to connect the two families. I have written a family genealogy book in which one page acknowledges her efforts. Without Tristan, my research efforts would not have been successful. Tristan’s research success has not been limited to only the Uptegrove family. Her success also involves other families whose genealogy is also presented in my book – the Cryan, Roche, and Schultz families. I could not more strongly recommend Tristan to people seeking genealogy assistance. She is fantastic as a genealogist and as a person.”

                                                                                                                                                    ~ Jim Schultz
                                                                                                                                                    Retired Educator/Principal